Sunday, April 19, 2009

in the green room...behind these 4 walls

4 Walls

Behind these four walls

You are an angel

And I am a goddess and nothing can stop us

I never want to leave

Stay here in this garden

Innocent and true

With nothing to question

But out there in the world

We hit the ceiling

And I am a junkie

And you’ve been dealing

I could be high, get a good sleep tonight

But I’d rather be free

Behind these four walls

I am an orphan, suffering alone

Trying to turn stones into gold

The cage isn’t locked, I can leave whenever I want

Only I hold the key, turn the lights on so I can see

Before I face the world

This I must conquer

I am the victim of my own monster

I could hide under my bed and all my excuses

But I’d rather be free

Behind these four walls

We are sleeping

Safe in our little boxes

While others are forgotten

Out there in the world

Can you feel the riot

I am not an island

I won’t just stay quiet

I could pull the wool over my eyes,

But these voices are mine

And they’re crying outside

Id rather be free